Brownstone "We 'Like' to Help" Social Media Campaign

We were early adopters of the concept of using social media for good, and so in December of 2010, Brownstone developed our first "We 'Like' to Help" campaign. The concept was simple and the results were amazing! 

Our 2010 campaign focused on a local family that had been devastated by cancer. The Cazault family of Kingston, MA has recently lost their mother to a long battle with ovarian cancer, only to discover shortly after her passing that the father had cancer as well. To assist the family with their recovery and make sure the two college-age girls of the family were able to achieve their academic goals, we set out on a mission. Brownstone announced that we would donate money to the family in exchange for every single new "like" that our Facebook page received. 

Press releases were issued and the chatter on social media about our campaign really helped it take off. Within a matter of 24-hours, Brownstone had already reached our initial goal of $2,000. After such enthusiastic support from the community, we re-evaluated the campaign and increased our promised donation to $10,000.  

That goal was quickly shattered as well - taking only 22 days for Brownstone to reach our goal and donate to such a deserving, local family.  

Brownstone staff with the Cazeault family

Brownstone staff with the Cazeault family