Protect Your Home
While on Vacation

Before you pack up the car and leave home sweet home vacant for a while, take our tips into consideration to make sure you return to your home in the same condition as you left it.

Preventing Burglary

  • Sounds obvious, but in the rush of trying to leave you may forget to lock all doors and windows, so double-check!
  • Set interior and exterior lighting with programmable timing devices to go on and off at different times of the evening and throughout the night to make it appear that someone is always home.
  • Lower telephone ringer volume so that it cannot be heard from outside.
  • Store valuables in a bank vault or safety deposit box.
  • Arrange for someone to check your house periodically.
  • Never post status updates or tweets that include your location or the fact that you are away on vacation. Even if you think it's only friends and family viewing your information, it's safer not to broadcast that your property is vulnerable.
  • Alert your alarm company about your vacation if you have an automatic security system in place.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery or arrange for a neighbor or family member to regularly pick up your mail. You don't want to clue in a potential burglar that you are away by a mounting pile of mail.

Avoiding Water Damage

  • Turn off the water heater.
  • Turn off the washing machine connection.
  • Turn off water to the toilet, leaving water in the bowl.

Enjoy your vacation!