NEADS Pawsitively Strong Fund

On April 15th, 2013, people's lives were forever changed following the Boston Marathon bombing. Brownstone Insurance was touched by the events surrounding the tragedy in many ways: our COO was running the Marathon and had just crossed the finish line minutes before the explosions, one of our Client Advisors rides his bike alongside the leading female runners each year to report on their progress and was present at the race, not to mention that so many of our customers call Boston home. Brownstone quickly sprung into action, brainstorming ways that we could positively impact a survivor's life.

As Brownstone is a dog-friendly office and so many of us are involved with animal-related causes, we came across the Pawsitively Strong Fund organized by NEADS: Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans. This fund was developed to provide service dogs to survivors of the Marathon bombings free of charge. The meaning behind this cause combined with the direct, personal impact it has on people's lives made it the perfect cause for Brownstone to sponsor.

We were thrilled when we received word that the first pairing between a service dog and a Marathon survivor had been made through NEADS. Jessica Kensky was present at the finish line that fateful day with her husband Patrick Downes, and each of them suffered the loss of a leg. Jessica was paired with a service dog aptly named Rescue, named by the Worcester Firefighters Association through NEADS' Name a Puppy Program.