The Brownstone Master Policy

For clients in need of master policy coverage for their building, Brownstone Insurance offers a superior policy with exclusive coverages that have no comparison.

Condo and apartment buildings located in Massachusetts with 2 units or more qualify for the Brownstone master policy. 

Our all-in-one policy protects you with dwelling coverage, liability coverage and equipment breakdown coverage, and has some unique features that were developed with the needs of our clients in mind.

Here are some of the highlights of the Brownstone Insurance master policy:

  •  $2,000,000/$4,000,000 liability limits.
  • "All-in" coverage means that you are fully protected and eliminates the need to dissect your building association by-laws.
  • Available 3-year policies with guaranteed premiums.
  • In-house underwriting and claims processing with your dedicated Program Underwriter.
  • Same-day policy issuance and emailing.
  • No occupancy restrictions allow policies to be written the same day as the first closing/occupancy.
  • No coastal restrictions in the Greater Boston area and only a 1/2 mile coastal restriction in all other areas.
  • In-house customer support and education via our complimentary e-newsletter service, social media alerts and our Live Chat tool.
  • Additional Insured Coverage allows the insured to name their property manager as an additional insured on their general liability coverage. It makes sense to have your property manager covered should they be an incidental party to a lawsuit against your association.
  • Designated Agents as Employee Coverage includes the property manager on the fidelity coverage. This added coverage would span protection to your property manager in instances of dishonesty, such as if your association were ever to be accused of writing a bad check.
  • Back-up Sewer and Drain - $25,000 (higher limits available)
  • Terrorism

  • Equipment Breakdown

  • Demo and ICC - 10% of building limit up to $250,000

  • Debris Removal - $250,000

  • Fire Department Service Charge/Equipment recharge - $25,000 per policy period / $10,000 per recharge

  • Accounts Receivable - $100,000

  • Arson Reward - $5,000

  • Maintenance Fees and Assessments - $100,000

  • Computer Systems - $10,000

  • Elevator Collision - $250,000

  • Fallen Trees - $500 per tree / $10,000 per policy period

  • Fine Arts - $50,000

  • Forgery or Alteration - $25,000

  • Glass - $1,000 per plate / $10,000 per policy period

  • Lost or Stolen Keys - $10,000 per building / $20,000 per policy period

  • Maintenance/Storage sheds or buildings - $10,000

  • Outdoor Signs - $25,000

  • Pollutant Clean-Up and Removal - $25,000

  • Trees, Shrubs or Plants/Outdoor Property - $25,000

  • Valuable Papers and Records - $50,000

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