Hurricane Season

These precautions should be part of your disaster preparedness plan to minimize your risk to damages during severe weather:

  • Relocate, digitally back-up or duplicate vital records and files.
  • Use waterproof coverings to shield computers, macherinary and other perishable materials.
  • Move whatever materials you can off of the floors or move them to another location clear of the path of the storm.
  • Place hurricane shutters or plywood over windows and doors.
  • Place sand bags in front of ground level windows and doors.
  • Secure any overhead doors with padlocks. (cellar doors)
  • Check all automatic sprinkler valves and pumps to make sure they are operational.
  • Check and fill all emegrency generator fuel tanks.
  • Anchor any outside structures that could becomes airborn during the storm or move them inside. (children's toys, playground equipment, tables etc.)
  • Inspect roof drains and make repairs if needed.
  • Check roof-mounted HVAC equipment and vents to make sure they are securely in place.
  • Shut down all non-essential electrical equipment to prevent surges and damage to equipment.
  • Shut off the gas supply to buildings.
  • Prepare and fill above-ground tanks with water.
  • Shut off any equipment with flames.
  • Clean out catch basins.
  • Isolate chemicals or products that can react if mixed.