Top 3 Myths about
Hurricane Protection

Preparing for hurricane season in New England can often lead to well-meaning friends and family giving you their advice and tips. The Institute for Business and Home Safety identified these top 3 myths to help you avoid some potentially dangerous ideas for preparation.




Open the windows so the air pressure doesn't cause the building to explode. This would not only be unsafe for you and your property, but it would also allow wind-driven rain to enter your home and ruin your belongings. The normal air seepage around doors and windows tends to keep the pressure inside your home lower than the pressure caused by a storm outside. The key is keeping all wind and water out with proper security and protection of doors and windows.

You only need to protect the doors and windows facing the ocean or gulf. Because hurricanes are a moving, rotating storm, winds can come from any direction. Winds can also change rapidly if you are near the eye of the storm. The best protection is to secure all doors and windows on all sides of your property.

You should tape windows with a big "X." Taping glass does not add protection. Your goal is to keep the glass in its frame and securely attached to the property, which adding tape in the shape of an "X" does not do. Covering windows and doors with hurricane shutters or plywood is what you should do. And remember - never lean or push against a window or door that is being blown inward by pressure outside. And no matter what kind of glass you have or preparations you've made, steer clear of all windows during a storm.