Home Energy Assessments

We all use our utilities everyday; electricity, heat, air conditioning, these are things that make our lives comfortable. But when was the last time you had a home energy assessment? Are you 100% sure that your home is 100% energy efficient? You could be wasting money each time you turn that thermostat up without even knowing it!

Through a special program known as Mass Save, you may be eligible for a free, comprehensive home energy assessment which can help improve your property's energy performance. Some residents may even be eligible for fuel assistance, reduced utility rates, or even receive free upgrades to their energy efficiency products!

An acquaintance of mine actually had all of his home's light bulbs replaced with energy efficient light bulbs and is having insulation added to his property's attic, for which NStar is paying 70% of the cost.

Now that cold temperatures are here to stay and many of you have already turned your thermostats up, why not contact Mass Save to find out whether you are eligible for any of these money-saving programs? From single family homes to multi-unit properties, any residential property in Massachusetts can be eligible. This initiative can help you save money by cutting down on your utility usage, as well as create a more environmentally-friendly world for everyone.

For more information, visit the Mass Save website or check out the Eversource Energy Saving Tips page.