A VERY Important Spring
Cleaning Tip

When was the last time you had your property's dryer vent cleaned?  You may want to have that done sooner rather than later. 

Just recently, a dryer fire destroyed a 24-unit apartment building in Chesterfield, Michigan.  With apartment buildings or condos, it only takes one faulty dryer or clogged vent to endanger the lives of many.

There is more to dryer vent cleaning than removing lint from the dryer duct.  Lint can also accumulate inside the dryer cabinet, on and around wiring.  When flammable lint becomes electrically charged, it can easily ignite with the high temperatures associated with dryers.  The entire venting system as well as the dryer cabinet should ideally be cleaned by a professional every few months.

Also, overloading a dryer not only wastes energy, but it can cause the wiring and motor to overheat from exertion and ignite the lint that's accumulated in the duct or dryer cabinet.

Dryers should be inspected for worn wires, belts and pulleys that can cause a spark.