Giving Back to the Boston Community

In November of 2013, Brownstone wanted to shake things up at bit at the annual MAIA Big Event. This annual event welcomes insurance agents from all over Massachusetts, and Brownstone is known for having creative booths and contests at their tradeshow.

Following the hardships that Boston faced during 2013, (the Boston Marathon being the main one), Brownstone felt it was more appropriate to focus on giving back to Boston and its people rather than raffling off prizes.

Brownstone prepared a pot of $10,000 that we would donate to charities on behalf of the Big Event attendees. To give people a number of chances to sing their charity's praises and earn an opportunity to win money for their charity, our booth managed three charitable components:

  1. We collected non-perishable food items for the Greater Boston Food Bank.
  2. We asked attendees to nominate their favorite charities and tell us why they are meaningful to their lives. A talented local artist depicted the charities on a giant canvas and we later asked our Facebook fans to vote for their favorite charity by "liking" the image drawn by our artist. Our campaign was to award the top 5 charities with a share of the $10,000 pot that Brownstone donated.

    At the end of a fiercely enthusiastic and competitive Facebook campaign, the winning charities were:
    Last Hope K9 Rescue finished with most votes with 387 likes and won $3,000.
    Operation Smile came in second with 229 likes and won $2,000.
    In Control Crash Prevention came in third with 127 likes and won $1,000.
    The Corse Foundation came in fourth with 126 likes and won $650.
    Santa's Magic came in fifth with 68 likes and won $350.
  3. We awarded one lucky charity $3,000 after polling attendees of the Big Event via text message and allowing them vote for their favorite charity. The winning charity of that contest was the American Breast Cancer Foundation!

We held a special luncheon in honor of the recipients shortly after the campaign ended, at which we presented the nominators and representatives of each charity with their donation.