Farewell to Beth Cincotta

Beth with NEADS service dog ambassador, Currahee.

Beth with NEADS service dog ambassador, Currahee.

Brownstone says goodbye to their Director of New Media, Beth Cincotta, today. For the last four and a half years, Beth has transformed the Brownstone brand to represent them as the premier master policy provider in Massachusetts.

During her time with the team, Brownstone earned recognition as the National Insurance Marketing Agency of the Month by Rough Notes Magazine, as a standout exhibitor at the annual MAIA Big Event, and was regularly recognized as a leader in social media.

Beth is taking an opportunity to work as the Director of Communications for NEADS/Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans. Brownstone has worked closely with NEADS since Brownstone's support of their Pawsitively Strong Fund, during which the agency sponsored the first pairing of a service dog with a Boston Marathon bombing survivor. 

We wish Beth well and look forward to continuing our support of NEADS.