Do You Really Have to Follow Insurance Recommendations?

By: Amy O'Donnell, Program Underwriter

Many risks placed in the Brownstone Program are inspected by Regional Reporting Service. Pursuant to the inspection, we often hear "Do I really need to follow through with the recommendations?" The answer is yes, and there are many reasons.

Property owners often feel that their actual insurance policy should be sufficient and they should not have to spend anything further on insurance recommendations. What is often overlooked is that completing the recommendations will save both headaches and money down the line.

The inspection is done to determine the overall condition of the risk. The company wants to avoid future claims and naturally so should the owner of the property.

Some recommendations are as simple as: replacing washing machine hoses, installing handrails, repairing walking surfaces or replacing stair treads.  

Critical recommendations are made when there in an increased risk of hazard. For instance, Installing self closing/locking doors increases the safety of the building as well as the safety of the owner or tenants. Another example of a critical recommendation could be when the electrical is not up to code. Another one we often see is when grills are be present on balconies/decks or are simply too close to the structure, as a risk of fire is increased.  

The picture below is from a grill fire on the balcony of a 24 unit apartment in Quincy.  This is exactly why we require that you follow through with our recommendations.