Paul Joyce's 25th Anniversary with Brownstone

Today is a special day here at the Brownstone office. Why, you ask? Because we're celebrating the fact that Paul Joyce, Client Advisor in our Personal Lines Department, has been working with Brownstone for 25 years! (A side note I found a little amusing - that is almost as long as I have been alive!) 

Not many people can say they've been with the same company for 25 years, so we must be doing something right!  

Paul was greeted by the whole staff this morning and we showered him with gifts, including an American Express gift card, a bottle of his favorite drink, some balloons, flowers, a pin and a crown to wear for the day. He was quiet surprised. 

The entire staff then enjoyed lunch together and the owners gave a great speech about their history and memories of working with Paul.

Paul has developed great business relationships with many of his clients, so please join us in wishing Paul Joyce 25 more great years with Brownstone! 


Paul Joyce

Paul Joyce