Melissa's Menu Features Steve Gilmore from ServiceMaster by Gilmore

As the winner of Brownstone's "I'm Your Chef!" contest, Steve  Gilmore, owner of Service Master by Gilmore, got to spend an afternoon  with Brownstone Underwriter, Melissa Greene, who is also a chef and host  of TV's Melissa's Menu. We received dozens of great recipes and narrowed it down to our 5  favorite and then let our social media fans choose the winner, and  Steve's Lobster Casserole took the crown!

Melissa and her crew set up in Steve's kitchen this past week to film the special edition episode of Melissa's Menu. The episode will air in about 3 weeks, but we'll let you know the exact date after it is edited and ready to air.

In the meantime, enjoy these great photos from the day:


Note - the silly balloon animal hats were created by balloon artist  extraordinaire and Agent Relations Manager, Alexis Kimball :)