Spring Cleaning - Inventory App Style

Spring is here - or at least it's supposed to be, which for many means it's time to break out the dust cloths and brooms and begin spring cleaning.

But before you start running around wiping away the dust, consider for a moment, just how much stuff you own. What if you had to write down every single thing that you own? Doesn't sound fun, right? Well if you think you own too much stuff to record, think about just how much all that stuff costs! Are you confident you have the appropriate amount of condo unit owner's or renter's insurance to cover your belongings should something happen? Better yet, do you have all of your belongings recorded in an inventory somewhere so that if something did happen you'd have records to show your insurance agent?


This can be overwhelming, we know. But thanks to technology, the process of recording an inventory of your belongings has become less time consuming. There are a plethora of mobile apps available that can store information about your belongings - prices, receipts, even images! If a fire or other disaster were to destroy you belongings and you didn't have an inventory of them, it can be quite a challenge attempting to remember everything that you owned!

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of one of these apps and really understand just how much you own and the proper amount of insurance protection you need.

Here are just a few examples of mobile apps that can help you accomplish this:

Start with a plan. Begin by recording either by category, or by room, and work little-by-little. Soon you'll have an inventory of all of your assets and can rest assured that you have the proper insurance coverage and should have no issues if you ever experience a claim.