The Benefits of Bundling your Insurance


You've seen the commercials. "Bundling your insurance can save you 15% or more!" And while there is some truth to that since some carriers do offer discounted premiums for carrying multiple lines of your insurance, another huge advantage is simply being able to talk to one client advisor for all your insurance needs.

Wouldn't it be more efficient to speak with one client advisor regarding your insurance? Trusting one individual to advise you which insurance coverages you would benefit from is a lot more effective than dealing with several different people who represent a slew of carriers. And by the way, while other agencies employ Account Managers, our team members are known as Client Advisors because it's the client that is important to us, not the account, and we advise our valued clients, not manage them.

This is one of the advantages of Brownstone Insurance. While Brownstone offers unparalleled master insurance protection, our personal lines department compliments that coverage with everything from condo unit owner's insurance to renter's and auto policies.

Contact Brownstone to begin the process of bundling your policies with us and discover true customer service. We're available via Live Chat, email or phone at (617) 236-6400.