The Benefits of Equipment Breakdown Coverage

By: Don Allan, Agent Relations Manager


You live in a four unit brownstone on Mass  Ave. and it’s the middle of January. The temperatures have been reaching record lows the past few nights and there is a storm moving in that should put about 12 to 14 inches on the ground.

As the snow begins to accumulate, the transformer to your building blows and the power goes out. Your pipes begin to freeze and finally burst, followed by your boiler. Now you are forced to seek refuge at a friend’s house, abandoning your home hoping no further damage is done.

Who's going to pay for all the expenses associated with this? Thousands of dollars in damage has been done. Where can you seek help?

If you have Equipment Breakdown Coverage you can turn to your policy for help. This endorsement is one of the most important to have. It protects you from the out-of-pocket expenses caused by the scenarios above, mechanical or electrical.

But did you know that this endorsement also covers spoiled food caused by losing your refrigeration? Did you also know that if this were to happen to your business, this endorsement would reimburse income lost due to your building being non-operational? Some insurance companies even pay to have your equipment inspected on an annual basis.

Be sure to double check your policy to see what limits and level of protection you have. You never know when Mother Nature will sneak up on you and cause havoc in your personal life or for your business.

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