Winter Storm Nemo Packs a Punch

Well, the blizzard many thought was oddly named "Nemo" is now over. But evidence of this past weekend's severe weather system is likely to be around for quite some time.

Snow accumulations differed by several inches depending on where you live, but I think we can all agree that everyone affected by Nemo got quite enough snow over the past few days.

The Brownstone Insurance team worked remotely on Friday and Monday for the sake of employee safety. While we were all working from home offices, we took some time to capture the essence of the blizzard of 2013 in photos. Here's what some of our employees saw:


Moira's backyard was a wonderland of nature!Wayne's neighborhood saw 20 inches of snow.Beth's neighborhood saw about a foot of snow. an angry ocean and plenty of downed trees.People weren't the only ones affected by Nemo. Beth's dog Gadget had to walk around in doggie tunnels!