Our Big Event Charity Campaign

As many of you know, the MAIA Big Event was this past weekend. This is always a huge event for Brownstone Insurance. In the past, we've given away some extravagant prizes to our friends who stop by our booth - a Louis Vuitton luggage set, a surprise trip to Paris, a Tiffany diamond necklace, Christian Louboutin shoes, among other items.

But this year, we did things a little differently. 

Given all that the city of Boston went through this year, we felt it was appropriate to give back. So, we set out on a mission to support local charities nominated by you. We offered a simple nomination form for people to tell us about their favorite charities and hired a graphic recorder (an artist) to come and draw illustrations of each charity on huge canvases set up in our booth. The result was pretty amazing! Clicking on the image below will enlarge it so you can see the fantastic work of the artist and all the charities that you guys nominated!

After the event was over, we posted each individual charity on our Facebook page and let our friends and fans cast votes for their favorite causes by simply "liking" the image of the charity they support.

The response was overwhelming! People advocated for their charities by sharing posts, like the images and spreading the word.

It was a tight race, but at the end of the campaign the results were as follows:

Last Hope K9 Rescue had the most votes with 387 likes and will receive $3,000!
Operation Smile came in second with 229 likes and will receive $2,000!
In Control Crash Prevention came in third with 127 likes and will receive $1,000!
The Corse Foundation came in fourth with 126 likes and will receive $650!
And finally Santa's Magic came in fifth with 68 likes and will receive $350!

Stay tuned for a follow-up post when we deliver to the charities.