Tip for Checking Tire Pressure

I've recently been experiencing some issues with two of the tires on my car and I wanted to share a tip (which I thought was pretty important) that I learned from my experience.


I brought my car to a full-service gas station with a mechanic on duty one afternoon after noticing my tire pressure indicator light turn on. I figured I had a slow leak and asked the mechanic on duty to check the pressure and plug any leaks if he could.

While checking the pressure he asked if I had already been on the road for a while. I told him that I had just driven roughly 30-minutes and his reply was that it is best to check tire pressure when the car is cold, such as during an oil change at your mechanics or first thing in the morning, because the act of driving on the hot pavement actually causes the tires to expand and therefore the pressure reading is not totally accurate at that point. I had never heard this tip before so I thought it would be great information to share.

So next time you are thinking about checking your tire pressure to make sure they are filled to a safe and economical level (correct tire pressure equals best gas mileage), be sure to ask your mechanic to do so after your car has been sitting in the shop for some time or do it yourself first thing that day to ensure the best accuracy.

Thanks to Jason D'Eramo at Tom's Auto Service in North Carver, MA for this tip!