Why Are There So Many 3-Story Buildings in Boston?

In the late 1800's triple-deckers were a cost-effective  way to house the thousands of immigrant factory workers in emerging New England  industrial cities.  


Triple-deckers are usually defined by their roof style  as being gable, hip, or flat-roofed and typically lack ornamentation. Inexpensive decorative details seen on many triple-deckers include porch  railing posts and 3-story bay windows facing the street.

Their more expensive predecessors are the rows of  Brownstones lining the streets of Boston. These early 19th century homes were  built for the urban middle class looking for something more sophisticated than  brick or wood construction. Wealth was displayed in these elaborate homes with  carved exteriors, wrought iron details, and high stairway  entrances.

Starting in the early 1980's both style homes became  very desirable as buyers often looked to them as a means of living in one unit  and renting the other two, thus helping them pay their mortgage. As  condominiums became more common many were converted into individually owned  units.

Insuring these special homes takes expertise and  knowledge which is one of the reasons Brownstone Insurance is so hyper-focused  in this market.

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