Storms Clear Just in Time for Broker Event Aboard the Brownstone Boat

Following the sudden severe thunderstorms that came our way on Wednesday, yesterday proved to be a beautiful day for an event organized by Don and Alexis, our Agent Relations Managers.

Don and Alexis welcomed a small group of brokers aboard Glenn Montgomery's boat in the Charles River. The group enjoyed food and beverages while cruising along the river. Glenn Montgomery was the captain, of course, and he made sure everyone enjoyed the best views of Boston during their cruise.

The weather was absolutely perfect and the group enjoyed a beautiful sunset over Boston as the evening came to an end.

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Top (from left): Kristen Soo Hoo, Jess Riehl, Heather Cochrane, AJ Marchionne, Anthony Lallis, Steve Palenscar. Bottom: Don Allan and Alexis Kimball.