Who Doesn't Love the New England Aquarium?

Don Allan and Alexis Kimball, the Agent Relations Managers here at Brownstone Insurance, held their first networking event yesterday at the New England Aquarium in Boston. And we think it was pretty successful!

Don and Alexis kept the invite list small, this being their first event, but plan on networking and meeting new brokers and professionals related to the insurance industry and will plan more events in the future.

The afternoon consisted of some fabulous food prepared and served by the Aquarium's catering service, an open bar, and a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium!

Guests got to see the inner workings of the aquarium and even some of the aquarists (yes, that's a job title) and scientists hard at work. I personally learned all kinds of information I never knew before. For instance, did you know:

  • Sea cucumber are capable of spitting all of its internal organs out when threatened by a predator and can re-grow them? Talk about a great defense mechanism!
  • All of the water in the aquarium comes from the Boston Harbor? It goes through 9 different types of filtration systems before being used in the aquarium, though.
  • Octopuses are incredibly intelligent creatures and need constant mental stimulation, or else they get bored and get intro trouble! One particular octopus at the aquarium turned into an escape artist, and used to climb out of her tank, slither across the floor to a neighboring tank filled with fish, eat some fish, and slither back into her tank at night!
  • Turtles are able to slow their metabolism and heart rate down significantly so that they are able to dive deep into the water. One species of turtle is able to slow its heart rate down to just 1 beat per 9-minutes so that it can remain submerged for up to 5-hours!

Those are just some of the great facts that guests of our event learned. We also got to touch several sea creatures and gain a new appreciation for the efforts of the New England Aquarium and its staff.

Alexis and Don are thankful to all those who attended and look forward to our next event!