TomTom is Watching You...

TomTom is delving into the insurance market by partnering with insurance broker MotaQuote to create an innovative auto insurance program.

Their program is being called Fair Pay Insurance - - a product that rewards "good" drivers with a lower premium.


The idea behind the program is that drivers are given "control" over their auto insurance premium by proving their good driving skills which is recorded by a device installed in their car.

Drivers who sign up for this new program will have the specially-developed TomTom        PRO 3100 navigation device installed in their car, which aside from being a traditional GPS system also includes Active Driver Feedback        and LIVE Services. This means policy-holders can be alerted to driving        events, such as harsh cornering and sharp breaking, and benefit from        accurate traffic information updated every two minutes.

They will also have a tracking unit fitted in their        vehicles, allowing driver behavior and habits to be monitored by underwriters of the Fair Pay Plan.

Though this program is only offered in the UK at the moment, it's possible that similar plans will be available in the U.S. in the future.