Top Blogs of 2012

With 2012 quickly coming to a close, we thought it'd be interesting to look back at our most popular blog entries of the year. Enjoy these snippets of our most-viewed blogs and enjoy a happy and safe New Year!

First place - Young Agents Making a Mark in Mass, by Melissa Murphy

This blog entry was a guest blog spot written by Melissa Murphy, Marketing Specialist and Young Agents Committee Staff Liaison at the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA). 

Melissa explains the goals of the Young Agents Committee and provides valuable insight into what it's like to a young agent in the insurance industry today.

Second Place - Tips for Dealing with Water Damage

Not surprisingly, our 6-step blog offering some useful advice for dealing with water damage was our second most-popular blog this year. Water damage is a common insurance claim, so keep our tips in mind should you ever experience this situation.

Third Place - A Short History of Brownstones

Ever wonder how those big, beautiful brownstone buildings that so elegantly line streets like Commonwealth Ave. in Boston came to be? Well you'll be in expert in the history of brownstones after reading this blog!

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