Brownstone's Holiday Party in the Fast Lane

Brownstone Insurance closed our offices early this past Friday to celebrate our staff holiday party.

First, our office decorating contest took full swing as the Brownstone management team visited each office and took note of each team's effort. Each department spent the week decorating their space to celebrate the holiday season in an effort to win one additional day-off in exchange for their effort. Here are some photos showcasing our handywork:


In the end, it was decided that we were all winners for putting together such great team efforts, and every one of us was awarded an extra day off in 2013!

At noon, we headed over to F1 Boston, a state-of-the-art indoor kart racing facility. As only two staff members had ever been to F1 before, it was quite the experience for the rest of your Brownstone staff.

With several courses to choose from, Brownstone opted to compete on the City Course (we insure Boston, after all), complete with a hill, a corkscrew turn and a tunnel! These tracks and karts are no joke! You can reach speeds of 35-40 mph!

After 5 qualifying races of 12 laps, Brownstone employees competed in the final 15-lap race, with Murphy & Jordan Client Advisor Michelle Prall coming out on top. Way to go, Michelle!