Boston's SnowCrew Offers Shoveling Help

elderly man shovelingAre you living in Boston and realize you need help shoveling this winter? Does a relative of yours live in Boston and you know they can't shovel themselves? Or would you like to volunteer your time to help your neighbors shovel out?

Boston's Neighbors for Neighbors website has a new feature you'll want to check out then. It's called SnowCrew, and Boston residents can utilize the website or their mobile app to either request shoveling assistance based on age, illness or disability, or offer their assistance in helping out their neighbors who need a hand.

What a fantastic idea! So be a good neighbor when the snow falls this weekend and check out SnowCrew to see where shoveling help is needed! Remember, Massachusetts law dictates that all homeowners and business owners are responsible for keeping their property reasonably clear of snow and ice, so check out this great service before you find yourself in a bind.