Brookline Fire in Four-Story Apartment Building Complicated by Freezing Cold

Fire broke out in an apartment building in Brookline yesterday, displacing over 40 people. Though the Brookline apartment fireofficial cause of the fire has yet to be determined, fire officials stated that the flames broke out in the basement of the building, quickly shooting flames upwards throughout the residential units.

The fire damaged about 20 of the apartments, 5 of them severely. Officials also noted that there is a significant amount of water damage from their efforts to douse the flames.

The bitter cold complicated the response, as water quickly turned to treacherous expanses of ice. Freezing conditions made firefighters jobs very dangerous.

A number of the residents narrowly escaped the flames, some rushing to use fire escapes that were fortunately in working order, but all escaped with their lives. A woman in her 20's is being treated for smoke inhalation and 4 firefighters were treated for minor injuries, but given the massive size of the blaze, the outcome is fortunate.

The blaze literally blew out the front doors of the building, so firefighters fought the blaze from the roof with the assistance of firefighters from neighboring municipalities, including Boston and Newton.