Pumpkins will be in High Demand this Season

funny Halloween pumpkinHurricane Irene ate up all the pumpkins!Personally, I love pumpkins. I love carving them, buying the little painted ones and pretty much anything pumpkin-flavored. So it really disturbed me to read in the news that there will be a pumpkin shortage this season due to Hurricane Irene! It's bad enough that all the leaves are turning brown and falling off already and that foliage season was basically skipped, but now a pumpkin shortage?!

Crops of pumpkins were devastated by the storm that caused wind damage and widespread flooding throughout much of Massachusetts. Many are still trying to remove fallen trees and debris from the storm from their land.

One farmer noted how he lost 75 acres of crops to flooding from the Deerfield River. Another from upstate New York lamented how he stood by and watched Irene sweep 15,000 to 20,000 of his pumpkins into Lake Champlain.

Other farmers whose pumpkins were not swept away have said that their crops are shriveling up and turning grayish-brown already.

I have seen some pumpkins out for sale already, so be sure to scoop them up before they're all gone!