Credit Card Scam Making the Rounds in Mass and Rhode Island

credit cardsThe office of the Attorney General in Massachusetts is seeing a sharp increase in complaints regarding a credit card scam, and they're warning consumers to be wary of offering any personal information over the phone.

Martha Coakley's office has been inundated with reports of a robo-calling scam that aims to steal credit card numbers, debit card numbers and even Social Security information from consumers. Many people have said that they've been receiving automated calls, mostly late at night, and many on their cell phones, asking to verify personal information.

The robo-calls claim to be from a bank or credit card company and the message states that one of the consumers cards have been locked. The call then asks the consumer to enter their card number to unlock the card, and some have been asked for Social Security numbers for further verification.

People who receives such calls are instructed to hang up and call the attorney general's hotline at (617) 727-8400. Those who have already received this type of call and have provided their personal information should contact their bank and/or credit companies and place a fraud alert on their accounts.