Get to Know Us! - Beth Lowe

I’ve been the Director of New Media and Customer Communications for Brownstone Insurance since May of last year. Prior to that, I actually owned and operated my very own pet boutique called Fetch. I graduated with my marketing degree from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth though, so my forte has always been marketing.

I currently reside on the South Coast (that’s right, I drive an hour to the South Shore everyday!) with my amazing fiance’ Gregory and our 3 pets. We own a Miniature Schnauzer mix named Gadget and 2 short-haired all-black cats named Penny (aka Smidge) and Dr. Claw. In case you didn’t get the reference, we have our own cast of Inspector Gadget at home. Gadget is a diabetic so we have to pay extra-close attention to her to make sure she stays on a regular eating schedule and gets her daily insulin shots on time. We call Penny Smidge because regardless of how old she gets, she never grows! And Dr. Claw enjoys scaling the walls of our loft apartment and “talking” to the ghosts we’re pretty certain he sees.

Gregory and I are huge Boston Bruins fans! During hockey season you can usually find us either screaming at the television or at the TD Garden.

Gregory and I are getting married on Saturday, October 29th at the New Bedford Whaling Museum and taking our honeymoon to Disney in November.

I have 2 sisters; an older one and a younger one, making me the “middle child.” I also have one nephew/Godson named Gavin who is 6 years old and a riot! All of my family lives on the South Coast.

I am also heavily involved with animal welfare efforts and enjoy organizing fundraisers and events that benefit animal shelters. I was even awarded a “Real Hero” award for my fundraising efforts to benefit the ASPCA following Hurricane Katrina.

Dr Claw enjoys weighing his toy mouseSmidgeJust a typical day with the petsGadget in her Bruins gearCelebating following the Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup VICTORY!Gregory and I at his sister's wedding