Don't Disregard Insurance Until it's Too Late

By now I'm sure many of you, if not all, know about the earthquake that hit Virginia this afternoon. The Earthquake damage to housequake was the strongest that's ever been recorded in that state and was felt as far north as New York City and Boston.

Thankfully, it does not appear that any local cities suffered severe damage or injury related to the event, but there have been reports of minor building damage in and around Boston.

Please be aware that earthquake coverage is not part of your homeowner's or master insurance policy. If earthquakes are of concern to you, you'd need to add earthquake coverage to your policy by an endorsement.

Not sure what your policy covers? Call us. Your personal Program Underwriter would be happy to go over exactly what your Brownstone Insurance policy protects you against, in plain English.

Buying the proper insurance coverage after a disaster is never a good plan.