Get the Most out of Your Property with Regular Maintenance - Part 2

To continue building on our previously mentioned tips for keeping your property in tip-top shape, here are a few more things you and your association can do:

  1. Nominate someone to be responsible for implementing the maintenance plan you develop and holdMaintenance crew repairing a sink them accountable for making sure it's done correctly.
  2. Update that maintenance schedule as your association adds or replaces fixtures or equipment.
  3. Assign someone the task of keeping good, clear records regarding the maintenance of the property. Owners' manuals, warranty information, and other documents related to the equipment and systems in your building are best kept together in a safe place. Keeping a detailed history of any repairs will also be helpful for future board members and owners.
  4. Encourage unit owners to report issues that they see and make sure they are clear about their duty to maintain their own personal unit.