Do Not Sit, Watch TV or Be Nice at Work!

Findings from some very interesting studies have been released over the past few days and the girl screaming and pulling hair outconclusions might be cause for some to worry.

One study was conducted to determine the effects of prolonged periods of sitting on our bodies. As more and more people are sitting for roughly 8-hours a day for their jobs, the effects are being noted in our overall health and in death statistics.

A recent Medical Journal study showed that people who sit for most of their day are 54% more likely to die of a heart attack. 17,000 men and women were studied for this research, and alarmingly the conclusion also states that it made no difference whether the participants were smokers or non-smokers.

Another study recently completed by researchers at University of Queensland in Australia states that for every hour of television you watch after the age of 25, your lifespan is reduced by 22 minutes. So, if you watch six hours of TV per day you will, on average, live five years less than people who spent less time on the couch and in front of the television screen. The study tracked data from 11,000 Australian participants over the age of 25.

If that is not worrisome than I don't know what is.

And lastly, a study titled "Do Nice Guys -- and Gals -- Really Finish Last? The Joint Effects of Sex and Agreeableness on Income," by Timothy A. Judge of the University of Notre Dame, Beth A. Livingston of Cornell University and Charlice Hurst of the University of Western Ontario, was recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

This report, which only applies to men, states that men who are agreeable and pleasant in their place of employment make lower wages and get overlooked for promotions. Men who are described as "disagreeable" and "goal-driven" apparently make more money and are promoted more often than their counterparts.

In conclusion, invest in a stand-up desk, turn off the TV and go make your opinion heard at work! (in a nice way though, please)