Get the Most out of Your Property with Regular Maintenance - Part 1

Just as with anything else, regular maintenance can help your property maintain its value and prevent costly problems. Regular and preventative maintenance can help your association squeeze every last minute of performance from things like heating systems, sprinklers, roofs etc, saving money in the long run.

Preventing untimely breakdowns and emergency situations should be a goal of every condo association. So here is Part 1 of our tips for keeping your property in the best condition possible:

  1. Develop a maintenance plan and stick to it. Things that can leak, bend, sag, become moldy, break, Property Manager shaking hands with Maintenance crew member or short circuit need regular attention.
  2. Make time for unplanned, periodic inspections. Things break and wear out on their own schedule, not yours. Light bulbs burn out, slow leaks develop and nails rust, so keep an eye on all those small things that can go wrong when you're not looking.
  3. Examine the costs associated with the maintenance and repair of items so that the board can determine when it is time to stop repairing something and just replace it.
  4. Determine a routine time to check local building code requirements to make sure your property is up to code.