Household Cleaning Projects to Consider

Summer is a great time to inspect and perform maintenance on household systems and appliances. Checking washing machine hoses, ice maker connections and the plumbing around water heaters are a few easy steps you can take to prevent damage and a lot of headaches.

The following list details preventative measures which can help avoid the top 4 causes of non-weather handymanrelated water damage:

  • Leaks from washing machine hoses: Washing machine hoses should be inspected annually and replaced every 5 years - or immediately, if there are any signs of cracking or bulging.
  • Leaky plumbing around water heaters: Plumbing should be inspected annually and repaired if there are any signs of leaks or corrosion.  When possible, water heaters should be installed in an area with floor drains to minimize damage if leaks should occur.
  • Leaks from refrigerator ice machines: Ice maker connections, usually located in the refrigerator, should be inspected annually and hoses replaced if they appear cracked or corroded.
  • Clogged drain lines on air conditioning units: Air conditioning drain lines should be checked yearly.