Melissa's Day at the Careworks Ministries Food Pantry

As part of our ongoing community service initiative here at Brownstone, Program Underwriter, Melissa Greene, spent July 19th volunteering at the Careworks Ministries Food Pantry. Careworks is associated with the Vineyard Church in Kingston, MA.

Here is what Melissa had to say about her experience:

"It's a wonderful organization that's been in existence for 13 years. They supply food, clothes, and household items for anyone who needs it. No appointment is necessary. You simply walk in, fill out a form with your name and number of family members and wait to be called. You do not have to 'qualify' for help like you do with some organizations.

From there, Karen or another staff member call the names one-by-one and the volunteers let them shop around for clothes and household items. When they are done, a volunteer takes them to the food pantry area to help pack bags full of food and toiletries.

Upon arriving I met with Kareen Buss. The entire staff was so welcoming and gracious towards me for volunteering for the day. I enjoyed working with the public and helping. It made me feel great.

I helped organize clothes but mostly worked with the public helping in the food pantry area. I'm already looking forward to going back!"

Melissa also added that there is a great article about Careworks in the Kingston Reporter. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, reach out to them.

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