Get to Know Us! - Dale Spakowski

Dale has been a Program Underwriter here at Brownstone for 10-years, but when she is not in the office you can most likely find her doing something outdoors.

She loves to walk, hike with her dog, garden and work in her yard, regardless of the weather! Dale, her daughter, Jen, and her dog, Kate, walk for miles every day throughout the woods and cranberry bogs located near her home.

Dale's son Eric lives in Texas with his wife and 2 children. Dale enjoys going to visit them and seeing her grandkids.

Her favorite vacation spot is Lubec, Maine, where she and her husband Steve go hiking every year with their daughter.

She also has a cat named Katie. Yes, her dog and cat have the same name! Dale rescued them from local shelters and decided to keep the names they had already been given. It was just a coincidence they were both named Kate!

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Dale and Jen Dale's dog Kate Dale's cat Katie Dale's children Dale has a green thumb! Dale's favorite place to hike