HGTV Isn't ALWAYS Right...

If you have ever watched HGTV you have heard it before: Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms in a house or condo to maintain and renovate. Well, speaking in terms of what a buyer is most likely to notice first, that may be true. But there are other criteria of a building or condo to consider before buying that are much more vital to the integrity of the structure.

roofer repairing a roofI'm talking about the roof and the heating system. The roof and the heating system might not be as stylish as the kitchen or bathroom, but they are very important and very expensive to repair. Would you purchase a home or condo unit in a building that had a deteriorating roof or a furnace that leaked? Probably not without asking the owner to repair them or before asking for a decrease in price to be able to make the repairs yourself.

Consider these figures:

Average Costs Associated with Furnaces

  • A gas floor furnace averages between $900 -$1,500, with installation averaging $1,000 -$2,000.
  • A self-contained, vented, gas wall furnace that provides hot air directly to the surrounding space ranges from $500 -$1,500 depending on capacity and energy efficiency; installation can run $1,000 -$2,000.
  • Replacing an older gas furnace in a central heating system with a mid-efficiency unit when there's existing useable ductwork starts around $1,700 -$4,000, but depending on complexity and location can run $5,000 -$7,500 or more.
  • A replacement high-efficiency gas furnace when there's useable existing ductwork starts around $2,500 -$6,000 but depending on complexity and location can be $7,000 -$10,000 or more.
  • Replacing an oil-fuel furnace starts around $2,000 -$5,000, but can run $6,000 -$10,000 or more for complex installations.

Average Costs Associated with Roof Repair

  • Repairing a 10x10-foot square of asphalt shingles, considered one square of roofing, runs $100-$350 using a roofing company. Repairing a few missing or broken asphalt shingles through a handyman service runs $95-$127.
  • Repairing wooden shingles using a roofing company for a 10x10-foot square costs $210-$1,000. Repairing a couple of broken or missing shingles using a handyman can run $135-$175.
  • When the vinyl or metal flashing that seals the edge of a skylight to the roofing material tears or is pulled away from the skylight, a leak will appear and costs $300-$500 to repair.
  • Valley roof flashing, which is used anywhere on a roof where slopes create a valley where water drains off, runs $15-$25 per linear foot to repair.
  • Faulty flashing around a chimney is priced $200-$500

Before you decide to replace your basic white kitchen appliances with stainless steel ones for a more stylish kitchen, make sure the important foundations of your building or condo are in working order.