Hot Cars and Dogs Do Not Mix

I love dogs. I would take my dog with me everywhere if I could. Unfortunately, I can't, but this doesn't mean that I bring my dog everywhere in the car with me anyway. Leaving a dog inside a hot car on a summer day can be deadly, and it only takes a matter of minutes for the temperature inside that car to elevate to extremely unsafe levels.

The temperature inside a car can rise to 102 degrees Fahrenheit in only 10-minutes for instance, when it is only 85 degrees outside. And that is with the windows cracked! It can rise to 120 degrees in 20-minutes. Would you like to sit inside your car with two windows cracked for even 5-minutes? Probably not.

Your dog can suffer brain damage or even death if their body temperate rises to 107+ degrees, so dog roasting in an oven-like carplease consider leaving your furry friend at home while you are out running errands. I'm sure you love to have your pet with you, and your dog is undoubtedly excited to go for a car ride, but in hot weather like this, it just isn't worth the risk.

Unsure whether it's too hot to take Rover for a ride? Check out and click the "Is it too hot?" link. Here you can enter your city or zip code and a handy forecast will be provided that warns if temperatures are too warm to be leaving your best furry friend inside the car.

*If you notice a dog locked inside a car that looks distressed or overheated, call 911 immediately. They can transfer you to your local police department who will then dispatch Animal Control to the scene.