Get to Know Us! - Stephanie Adams

Stephanie and her familyStephanie is a Program Underwriter for Brownstone Insurance. She was born and raised in Ohio but has lived in Massachusetts for 24-years. She's worked with Brownstone for 23 of those 24-years! (We're a great place to work!)

She's been married to her husband John for Stephanie's new grandson14-years and enjoys 2 stepchildren and 4 beautiful grandchildren: Noah, Sam, Ava and James.

Steph is a fitness buff that loves running and kickboxing. (She beats everyone every week on our Workout Program that gives money to charity.)

She and John love to vacation in Aruba, St. John and Booth Bay.

Stephanie also has two kitties named Julieanne and Stella.

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Stephanie and husband John  Julieanne and Stella  Stephanie's Grandchildren