Three Cheers for the Internet...and the Animal Rescue League of Boston and Rascal Rescue!

I've heard the argument that the internet and social media is corrupting our manners and causing the younger generation to grow up without any social grace or desire for actual person-to-person contact before. And to some extent I am in complete agreement. Nothing should replace social grace or the desire to actually go out and experience the world. But sometimes, the internet can be a positive thing.

This morning for instance, I noticed a tweet from @Mary_Paoletti, an employee of Comcast SportsNet raccoon on treeNew England, saying that she found an injured baby raccoon and did not know what to do. She had tried calling her local Animal Control but was told that they would not come out unless there was belief that the animal was rabid.

Being an animal lover myself, I also follow the Animal Rescue League of Boston on Twitter (@ARLBostonRescue) and happen to know that they have a Rescue Hotline for locals to call for assistance with both domestic and wild animals (1-657-777-ARLB). I also knew from following @ARLBostonRescue's tweets that they work closely with @rascalrescue, a certified wildlife rehabilitator who regularly accepts raccoons from @ARLBostonRescue. I tweeted all of this information to Mary, and within an hour the Animal Rescue League was on its way to pick up the injured raccoon and they were even kind enough to update both Mary and myself on their journey. The Animal Rescue League of Boston then delivered the raccoon to @rascalrescue and all is well in my world again!

Hurray for the internet!