Fire at Quincy Apartment Complex Sparked by Grill

Safe grilling has been an issue which Brownstone has been stressing both in our blog entries and our newsletters for a few weeks now. And for good reason.

Here at Brownstone, we are often asked whether apartment and condo associations can prohibit occupants from using a grill on their outdoor patio. There is good reason why many homeowners' associations and insurance companies do not allow barbecues on patios.

Here is a perfect example. This past weekend, an entire 24-unit building was destroyed by a fire sparked by an illegal grill on a Quincy apartment building on fire after grill firebalcony of an apartment building located on Falls Boulevard in Quincy. The fire rapidly spread from the second floor to the third floor, and the entire building now needs to be demolished and families are seeking help from the Red Cross during their plight.

Thankfully, there was no loss of human life, and the only injury reported thus far was by a firefighter who fell down a rocky hill during his effort to extinguish the fire.

One careless action can affect the lives of every other inhabitant of an apartment or condo building, so it's important to follow the rules and regulations of your town and homeowners' association and to always practice safe grilling.

See our previous blog post and our feature story on safe grilling practices to familiarize yourself with grilling safety.