Billy Higgins is Brownstone's Facebook Fan of the Week

Billy Higgins, Facebook fan of the weekNot only is Mr. Higgins a fan of Brownstone Insurance on Facebook, he is what we like to call a "Brownstone broker." Billy has been working with Brownstone Insurance for 17 years and here is what we had to say about working with us:

"Brownstone, to me, is a feeling you get. It's relief and excitement rolled into one. When you hear terms like, 'a day at the beach,' 'a walk in the park,' or 'a piece of cake,' that's a Brownstone moment. The word Brownstone has replaced those sayings. When I present my Brownstone quote, I feel like Robin Hood. Seeing the disbelief in the insured's face and being able to say, "Yes, this is really the quote," is a feeling you want every time you present a quote. When you have something truly special, that is how people react."
                                                                                             - Billy Higgins

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