Think Your Building has Pet Problems?

Do you find yourself complaining about barking dogs or stray cats in your condo or apartment building? Take a look at this notice posted by a condo association in Florida to gain a little perspective:

Alligator Safety Tips

  • Don't bother them and usually they won't bother you.alligator swimming in pool
  • Don't swim outside of the posted swimming areas or in waters that might contain large alligators.
  • Don't swim at night.
  • Don't feed alligators. It causes them to lose their natural fear of humans.
  • Don't throw fish scraps into the water or along the shore.
  • Don't allow dogs to swim in areas used by alligators. Many dogs are killed by alligators.
  • Don't kill, harass or attempt to move an alligator.
  • Don't try to make a pet out of an alligator.
  • Don't play with baby alligators. The mother is probably nearby.

Puts your building's pet problems into perspective a little, doesn't it?