Dryer Fires are More Common than you Think

Boston Fire Dept truck ladder reaching a brownstone buildingHaving recently posted a blog about dryer fires and what you can do to prevent them, I was not surprised when I saw on the Boston Fire Department's Twitter feed that they were busy putting out a dryer fire at a brownstone building on Beacon Street this morning.

Boston Fire Dept. 
Response to 860 Beacon St. by Kenmore Square at 10:53 am for a fire at the Laundry Basket. Smoke showing from a dryer.

They followed up with pictures of the damage as well as this tweet:
Boston Fire Dept.
Fire out. Damage at $20,000.00. All fire companies clear of Beacon St. at 11:20 am.

$20,000 is a lot of damage, damage that could have been prevented by taking steps similar to those described in our previous post "Dryer Vent Safety." 

Residents in multi-unit buildings are at an even higher risk for losses like this to happen because all it takes is one dryer to catch fire for the lives of many to be affected. Read our blog on dryer vent safety to familiarize yourself with steps to ensure safe operating conditions for your dryers and prevent an Boston firefighter dousing a dryer fireoccurrence such as this.

Great job to the Boston Fire Department for responding so quickly and for keeping us updated with their efforts!