Are You Prepared for an Alien Invasion?

alien vesselHurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, virus outbreaks; some things are out of our control. So, it's important to remember that the best defense is offense in such cases. Preparation and forward-thinking can help make a bad situation a little less stressful, and in the event of an emergency, less stress is always a good thing.

Take an alien invasion, for instance. Now, you may laugh, but just try to imagine what you'd need to do in the event of a violent take-over by aliens. You'd probably think to have food and water on hand, but what about first aid supplies or medications? Here's a simple list of items that are handy to have ready in the event of an alien invasion (or other emergency of course):

  • Water - 1 gallon per person per day is the general rule.
  • Food - Non-perishable food items that you can comfortably eat are important.
  • First Aid supplies - Band aids might not be much comfort if an alien abducts you, but supplies to treat cuts or lacerations that you could get during violent weather scenarios would be helpful.
  • Medications - Be sure to have a supply of prescription and non-prescription medications such as Tylenol ready for emergency situations.
  • Sanitary items - Bleach, soap, towels and tissues are just some of the items you may want to gather in your emergency kit.
  • Clothing - A change of clothes for each family member is important. The aliens may steal yours if they think it's fashionable.
  • Bedding - Blankets and extra pillows are a little more difficult to carry, but you'll be thankful that you set these aside for an emergency.
  • Important Documents - Have photocopies of your important personal documents such as your license, passport and birth certificate on hand (in case you need to prove that you're not an alien).

Once your emergency kit is ready, I suggest also preparing an emergency plan with your family which outlines where you could go and meet in the event that aliens landed and started to take over Earth (or in the event of a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster of course).

  • Pick a meeting place where members of your family would meet; one close to your home (i.e. the mailbox out front) if the emergency was something minor, and one farther away from home (like a neighbor's house for instance).
  • Make a list of local emergency contacts such as your fire department, police unit and also an out-of-state contact person whom you could call to let the rest of your family know you're safe in the event of a major invasion (or disaster).
  • Know your evacuation route. If an alien spaceship has landed smack dab in the middle of Main Street, you'll want to know the best alternate route out of town. You'll also want to be aware of where your local shelters are if taking shelter is an immediate need.