Murphy & Jordan Feature Article of the Month

Grilling Safety Tips

Summer is just around the corner and what could be better than enjoying some company and firing up the grill to enjoy a tasty barbecue?  Before you do, be aware that every year grills are the cause of thousands of fires and deaths caused by careless use or malfunction of grills.

For instance, last July in Boston, 125 firefighters battled a 4 alarm blaze in Charlestown, caused by a propane gas grill on the roof. So be sure to enjoy the warmer weather with the proper precautions to keep the grilling season safe.

  • Make sure your grill is at least 10 feet away from any other objects. man grilling food
  • When lighting a charcoal grill only use lighter fluid made for grills.
  • Ensure that the connection to the gas source is working properly and that there are no leaks.
  • If there is a leak, immediately turn the gas supply off and do NOT try to start the grill until fixed.
  • ALWAYS use a grill outside. NEVER use a grill inside your house or garage since this could lead to fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Stay by the grill and monitor.
  • Keep children and pets away from the grill while in use.

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