Know When NOT to Do It Yourself

Certain household projects are straightforward enough that the average homeowner or renter canFire in home caused by DIY work complete it themselves. Then there are projects that should be completed only by a professional. And unfortunately, not all homeowners or renters heed this advice, and tragic outcomes are highly probable.

Take for instance this news story about a couple who tried to discard their old gas-powered clothes dryer and replace it with an electric model. The male owner did something incorrectly, and as a result was allowing gas to seep into the home. Eventually, the gas was ignited by something and the entire home exploded.

Both the male and female occupants were taken to the hospital with serious injuries and the home was completely destroyed.

Moral of the story: do not attempt home improvements or projects that you are unfamiliar with or not trained to handle. Electricity and gas are two very dangerous components of a home that could spell disaster if improperly handled. When in doubt, call a professional.