Tips for Painting your Apartment or Condo

Picking paint colors for your apartment or condo is one of the most important interior design decisions you'll make. ( Tip - If you live in an apartment building, just make sure that you are allowed to paint before you dip the brush!) With an abundance of color choices available to you, as well as painting techniques and finishes, it's easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of repainting your space.

Many things need to be considered when trying to choose a paint color; the size of the room, the color and type of furniture present in the space, the use of the room, location of the room, etc. Understanding color however, is a good first step in creating your painting plan.

Here are some color basics to help get you started:

Warm vs Cool - Warm colors are generally characterized as colors between red and yellow on the color spectrum. These colors are associated with the sun and daylight and create a feeling of warmth. Such colors are often used in rooms where guests are to be entertained, such as living rooms and parlors, to make the guests feel more comfortable and at-home. Cool colors are those found between green and blue and are often associated with the ocean and nature, creating a calm feeling. Cool colors are most often used in bedrooms and sun rooms.

Brown - Brown is most often associated with earth and nature. It's used well in rooms that are meant to give off the perception of quiet or peace.
Try this color in - libraries or studies

Red - Red shades are associated with passion, hunger and excitement and are clearly a warm color.
Try this color in - dining rooms or living rooms

Green - Shades of green are associated with nature and as a cool color, have much of the same perceptions as blue.
Try this color in - hallways or sun rooms leading to the outdoors

Blue - Blue is often associated with the ocean and sky. It's commonly used to give off the perception of calmness.
Try this color in - bedrooms or bathrooms

Purple - Purple was once considered the color of royalty, and as such it gives off a feeling of regality and sophistication.
Try this color in - libraries, studies or parlors

Yellow - Yellow is most often associated with thoughts of sunshine. As such, it bodes well to give off a feeling of a happy, cheerful room.
Try this color in - kitchens