Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Building or Unit

Warm weather is finally approaching and yard work is beginning for many homeowners. But did you know that attractive landscaping can also add value to a condo or apartment building, and even individual units?

Whether you live in a condominium or single-family house, landscaping can certainly make your property easier to sell.

For apartment or condo buildings, potted plants, freshly edged green lawns, trimmed shrubbery and weed-free garden areas help make the property more attractive and appealing to buyers or renters.

Unit owners need not feel house envy when it comes to outdoor living space and landscaping. One of the perks of living in a condo or apartment is not having to mow the lawn, after all! Unit owners can still create a beautiful outdoor living area by utilizing their balcony.

Here are some tips to help get you started:

Pick a color scheme
A small area needs a focus. Choose chairs, tables and pots that are in the same color family to make the space feel larger and choose complimentary plant and flower colors to grab the eye.

Pick a color scheme for your plants as well. They do not need to be all the same color, just complimentary. Using green patio chairs and pots? Consider filling your garden pots with red plants -- hanging pots of red petunias mixed with red geraniums complimented by pink and white pansies. 

First-floor owners aren't limited either
If you're the owner of a first-floor unit with a courtyard, paint the inside of your privacy fence white. Add a bright copper garden accent piece or hanging glass ball to catch the sun. Fix window box planters along the top of your fence.

Wherever you live, take advantage of the warmer weather by getting outside and doing yardwork or landscaping. It's not only great exercise and good for the environment, but having an attractive property is something to be proud of.